Lutheran Confessions

Lutheran Confessions
Taught by Dr. Chris Repp, Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church in Champaign, IL

Registration: $75 to audit

Registration: $150 to meet PMA or SAM requirements.

What we believe about God affects how we talk about God. How we talk about God determines whether we proclaim the gospel or some other message that is not faithful to who God is and what God is up to in Jesus Christ. This realization is what set Martin Luther and his colleagues down the path of reform 500 years ago. It is the enduring legacy of the Lutheran movement and a gift to the ecumenical church. This class will highlight how these texts continue to be vitally important to the mission of the church today.

This class is offered in conjunction with Central Southern Illinois Synod; registration deadline is Wednesday, August 25, 2021.

Registration: $75 to audit, $150 to meet PMA or SAM requirements.