Themes in the Gospel of Matthew


Lutheran School of Theology invites your participation in
Themes in the Gospel of Matthew
With Dr. Troy Troftgruben, Wartburg Theological Seminary
This November sees the start of Year A in the Revised Common Lectionary, whose
readings are grounded in the Gospel of Matthew. Throughout history, this narrative has
often been dubbed "the First Gospel" for its prominent role in Christian teaching, ethics,
liturgical practices. To this day, it tends to be central for many people’s experiences of
Jesus, the New Testament, and the Christian faith.
Matthew’s Gospel is not simply a biography of Jesus or a collection of his teaching. It's
a story that invites us to a path of discipleship. It's a narrative that includes us in a
church made up of sinners and doubters who struggle with faith, temptation, and
forgiveness. It's a Gospel that invites us into a living relationship with Messiah Jesus, to
learn from him, to believe in him, and to be sent to embody his presence in the world.
In this class we will explore some overarching themes of Matthew's Gospel, eye its
occurrences in the forthcoming lectionary year, and probe some key texts together as
representative of this teaching Gospel. The class will offer handouts and visuals, make
space for interactive text study in large and small groups, and recommend resources for
further exploration as the year unfolds.

Troy Troftgruben, PhD (Princeton Seminary), is an ELCA
pastor who serves as Associate New Testament Professor
and the Wagner Professor in Biblical Theology at Wartburg
Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. Before coming to
Wartburg (2013), he served as a pastor in Grand Forks, ND,
for five years. Troy has written Rooted and Renewing
(Fortress, 2019) and the Matthew Bible study resources for
the Augsburg Books of Faith series (2016), among other
things. He enjoys teaching with technology (and without it) in
various settings. In his off-time, Troy enjoys biking, making
music, helping with youth faith formation, and being lovingly
ridiculed by his middle-school aged children.
The class will be taught via Zoom on three select Thursday mornings:
September 22, September 29 and October 6 from 9:00 – 11:00 am Central Time
Register with payment of $ 45