Scholarships for LST Classes

Scholarships for LST Classes

The year 2020 was the 25th anniversary year of the ministry of Lutheran School of Theology. Since its inception it has evolved from originally offering theological and biblical classes for those seeking professional degrees to becoming a school serving both clergy and laity as they study together mutually enriching one another’s learning. Well over 7000 registrations have been received from those desiring continuing education opportunities or personal enrichment and those fulfilling requirements for certification as PMAs (Parish Ministry Associates) or SAMs (Synodically Authorized Ministers).

To commemorate its 25 years of service to the church, the LST Board established two scholarships to both honor the past and to build toward the future.

One scholarship is named for The Rev. Dr. Robert Bertram who established LST in 1995. Bob was a dynamic leader and well-loved teacher for LST until his passing in 2003.

The second scholarship is named for the Rev. Dr. Edward Schroeder, who taught many classes for LST over the years and is recognized for contributing to sustaining its excellence.

These scholarships are designated for students who appreciate the depth of theological thought and the breadth of challenge to apply the truth and wisdom of the gospel in their ministry contexts today. Recognizing that we truly do stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us, LST desires to build on the legacies of the people who
provided a strong foundation and continued to innovate and expand the types of classes offered to nurture the church.

To Apply:

Those wishing to apply for a scholarship for a class should complete the following application and return to:

Lutheran School of Theology St Louis

PO Box 831
Columbia IL 62236

or email application to: 

Must be received at least 2 weeks prior to the start of desired class.